Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Importance Of Los Angeles Valet Parking

Los Angeles Valet parking is considered to be a parking service offered by some restaurants, stores and other important businesses around LA. This is a case whereby customers’ vehicles are parked by a person called a valet. Valet parking contrasted with self parking where customers find their own parking space is far much better.  This service normally requires either a fee to be paid by the customer or the service may be  offered free of charge by the establishment.

The most advantageous thing about valet parking is that it is possible to pack more cars into a given physical space which is at times known as stack parking. In this case, the valet holds all the keys and can be able to park the cars either two or more into deeper sides, the same way he can move cars out of the way to free a blocked-incoming car. Another importance of valet parking, besides stack parking, is that valets can park cars in an orderly manner. The cars are parked closer and straighter showing a big difference compared to some customers in the way they park.

Most of the people wouldn’t deny that valet parking is definitely a welcoming service at any place. It is a service offered beyond the obvious since it not only gives the place a competitive edge but also makes things to appear easier for the guests and clients. Valet parking has also led to introduction of suitable valet parking services for bettering the needs the parking needs of the customers.


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  3. One benefit of valet parking is that it can park more than one car at a given space which is known as stack parking.it makes things easier for the clients. Meet and Greet Luton